Comparing the mobile network performances

When it comes to subscribing  to a mobile (or 4G/5G based)  plan, consumers’ first criteria of choice is the quality of the network.

Thus, knowing the coverage and the quality of service of the different mobile networks where they live or work (remotely or not) is crucial.

For each address in France, Sogudo provides a 4G/5G availability and a QoS comparison of the different networks.

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4G and 5G coverage and QoS mobile networks map - 2023

Sogudo updates every month its coverage and QoS mobile network maps.

Our current version of the algorithm is based on an analytical 3GPP propagation model. It takes into account :

  • the mobile technologies (3G, 4G, 4G+ and 5G), 
  • the different frequencies of the broadcasting antennas,
  • the density of population (urban, suburban, rural areas).

The model is calibrated each year thanks to mobile performance tests performed on the field.

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