Comparing the fixed network performances

" Which fixed network offers the best download and upload speeds ? "
This is the question that every customer asks when it comes to subscribing to an internet plan.

Our ADSL and fiber availability test helps people and small businesses to compare the fixed internet performances available where they live or work.

For each physical address in France, Sogudo Fiber API returns the fixed connectivity intelligence per ISP (technology, max DL and UL speed).

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Predicting the fiber connection

" When will the fiber be available ? "
This is the first question that a customer asks when he’s not connected yet.

Based on the deployment of the fiber infrastructure, Sogudo developed a predictive availability fiber test.

For each physical address in France, Sogudo Predictive Fiber API returns the foreseen connection to the fiber network.

Mapping the fiber network

Being expert on the fiber network led us to the creation of interactive map that renders accurate informations about the fixed connectivity.

Sogudo’s expert team will help you develop an interactive fiber network map. 

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